Cardiac Monitoring Service



Provide a platform that allows offering a comprehensive cardiac monitoring service, based on a portable electrocardiograph device, interconnecting devices, medical entities, cardiologists and patients.


We built a platform composed of a core module based on international health standards like HL7, SNOMED, ICD-10 and Loinc to bring support to a Health Monitoring WebApp where cardiologists could read and diagnose ECG uploaded to the cloud from the portable devices.
Through a patients' website they can purchase devices and a subscription for diagnosis reports and medical appointments with cardiologists.
The platform has a Device Gateway to receive the devices reading, having evolution in mind in order to implement other devices protocols in the future.

Deliverables included:

Physicians Portal

Web application for physicians to manage their patients, observations, devices, calendars, diagnosis reports requests and patients encounters. Cardiologist uses the portal to read ECGs and deliver diagnostic reports to patients, as well as have virtual encounters with patients through video calls.

Patients Portal

Web application for patients to purchase a portable ECG device and manage their account. They can see the ECGs performed with the device and request for a cardiologist diagnosis report.
Patients can also request for virtual encounter with cardiologists to receive the report. They are able to pay online through MercadoPago.
The portal is integrated to the ERP in order to manage users' subscriptions, and auto-charging subscriptions through credit cards automatically.

Data Synchronization Module

Through the module EHM (Event Handler Module), the platform can synchronize documents with external systems. This is mainly used to send documento to existing HMS.
It also supports a connection to a governmental platform called HCEN, where is centralizing all health documents of the country as a single regulator.

Used technologies

Linux, MariaDB, PHP, Symfony, NodeJS, NestJS, Angular, WebRTC, HTML, Javascript, CSS, MercadoPago, ERPNext

Services provided

Hosting of all services in Datacenter
24/7 support
Consulting and assistance in system implementation and continuous improvement

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