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Guía Móvil 1122


The challenge was to provide the technology platform to a company that wanted to build the next generation of yellow pages like services, helping businesses and professionals find their new customers through this service.

In order to achieve a disruptive new service, it has to add much more than just NAP (Number, Address Phone) features, adding not only basic information, but more information to have a complete profile than can show, attract and convert customers.

Another objective was to offer an omnichannel service, available through all common users' channel access like SMS, web page, mobile applications and chatbots.


The solution was based on a core service enhanced by micro-services interacting with each other to empower the final product to businesses and users.
Core module was in charge of the data management, search engine, indexing, information discovery and accounting, exposing all of them as an API Core. It has a Full text search module with proprietary algorithms for spell checking, synonym handling and smart indexing.

Surrounding core, we built the micro-services, users' omnichannel access and managements web apps.
Some featured tools and micro-services delivered:

Omnichannel access

Multi-channel access for end customers. Responsive website, with millions of auto-generated pages, with state-of-the-art SEO, Technical SEO, Page Experience rules among others.
Mobile application for Android and Apple.
Consultations by SMS for the 3 companies in the country (Antel, Movistar, Claro) with direct connections through proprietary protocols and standards such as SMPP.

Business Portal

Responsive WebApp for business self-management portal

Operations Portal

Responsive WebApp for operations portal for operations, sales and support staff.
Comprehensive platform and service management

Advertising micro-service

Micro-servivce to enable advertisement sale of banners on their own sites, through Google AdManager connected through API to manage campaigns and link AdSense accounts. Collecting of campaigns statistics and insights to build automated reports for customers.

Data synchronization micro-service

Micro-service to enable businesses data and post publications synchronization with external platforms. Connection with Google My Business through a private access API and with Facebook through Graph API.

Quotations micro-service

Micro-service to enable business to offer quotations though a simple form and manage responses, quotation prices, acceptance and work review through business portal.

Simple e-commerce

Micro-service to enable business to offer their products catalog on their profile page, allowing final users to add products to shopping cart and make the request to the business. Through the Business Portal, owners can manage their requests and respond to users.

Booking micro-service

Micro-service to enable business to offer online booking capabilities by listing their available services on their profile page, define resources calendars and enabling online payment through MercadoPago owner's account. Also including notifications, cancellation policies, reminders, and other booking features.

Web crawling micro-service

Micro-service to obtain and process public information to publish as enhanced information through the different channels for final users.

Used technologies

Linux, MySQL, Sphinx Search, PHP, Symfony, ShellScript, NodeJS, NestJS, Flutter, AngularJS, Angular, Android, iOS, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, Typescript, Hugo, VPNs, SMPP

Services provided

Hosting of all services in Datacenter
24/7 support
Consulting and assistance in continuous improvement of existing or new products

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